Vehicle health

Preventing Breakdowns and Saving on Repairs.

Proactive Maintenance:
The Power of interpreting Diagnostic Trouble Codes for Efficient Fleet Management

Access to more than 400.000 OEM Diagnostic Trouble Codes, get interpretation and associated recommendations for any vehicle.

Early Warnings for Vehicle Issues

Monitor vehicle warning lights, receive early alerts for critical indicators (washer fluid, ABS, traction control, DPF, AdBlue levels, tire pressure), and take proactive actions to prevent costly repairs.

Keep vehicle battery charged and stay informed

Flat or faulty battery issues are most common causes of breakdowns. With Ekkofleet, receive real-time alerts and actionable data on your vehicle battery health.

Dynamic service logbook

Receive accurate alerts based on actual vehicle usage, keep your vehicle healthy, maintain your warranty, and keep evidence of proper use when reselling the vehicle.

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