Fleet tracking

Make the most of geolocation tools.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking Enhances Efficiency and Safety

Track your vehicles effortlessly with our advanced live tracking system. Our user-friendly software allows you to monitor their location and status in real-time. With a live map view of all vehicles, you’ll have complete visibility and can maximize asset utilisation.

Trips: Automatically save the key information

Gain trip insights:

– Duration and routes: Know exact trip duration and visualize precise routes.

– Mileage tracking: Monitor distance covered for maintenance and planning.

– Driving behavior analysis: Identify risky driving habits and improve driver and asset safety.

Harnessing Accurate Mileage Tracking

With Ekkofleet’s advanced mileage tracking feature, fleet managers can access real-time and true odometer data, enabling them to make informed decisions and improve overall fleet efficiency.

Private and Business Travel

Automate Mileage expenses.
Receive alerts for unauthorized utilisation.


Monitor risks with
Geo-Fencing Capabilities

Experience the power of geo-fencing for fleet management. Set digital boundaries on maps and receive instant alerts when vehicles cross them.

Key highlights of our geo-fencing capability:

Safeguarding: Set digital boundaries for customer premises, receiving instant alerts for enhanced security.

Arrival and Departure Insights: Optimize scheduling with valuable data on arrival and departure times.

Road Charging Awareness: Stay informed about road charging areas, managing costs and complying with regulations.

Unauthorized Usage Alerts: Detect unauthorized vehicle use and take immediate action.

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