Transition to ev

Embrace the new challenge of Ev as Ekkofleet guides you forward.

Record and check your EV’s battery charge at all times

Monitor EV charging capabilities in real time, enabling data-driven planning decisions.

Tracking EVs’ charging history

Optimise your fleet efficiency by monitoring every EV’s charging history. Track and analyse EV’s charging patterns to provide performance and reliability insights.

Successful Electric Fleet Strategy. Access to your fleet usage statistics, and adapt your fleet’s electrification to your actual vehicles use

Critical performance metrics bring valuable insights that let fleet managers understand fleet usage and optimise EVs allocation and use.


A Unique solution
In the industry

Introducing disruptive battery health monitoring : know at all times the real value of your assets, including your EV batteries. Track and improve driving and charging behaviours in order to optimize fleet availability and performance.

Clément Pantin


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